Intermedial Performance Practice (DRA2083)

30 credits

From film projections on stage to the use of motion capture, from experimentations with sound to the influence of video games on immersive theatre, from NT Live broadcasts to Zoom shows – this module explores the close interrelationship of live performance with other media and the combinations of different media in live performance. We will examine theatre’s engagement with film, video, sound, digital media, video games, and VR and AR. You will be introduced to key theories on topics such as media theory, intermediality, interactivity, immersion and liveness. You will consider the changing role of the performer in our digital/postdigital culture; and the future of live theatre in a post-pandemic world.

Apart from analysing a wide range of examples of intermedial theatre practice and being introduced to key theories, you will have the opportunity to engage in practical experiments each week, which will help us deepen our discussions. You will also have the opportunity to pursue independent research into an area of your interest for your assignments.