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Here is a selection of books published by members of the department in recent years. For full lists of publications please visit individual staff profiles.

The Birth of Modern Political Satire: Romeyn de Hooghe and the Glorious Revolution (2020)<br /><a href=''>Meredith  Hale</a> Street Life in Renaissance Italy (2020)<br /><a href=''>Fabrizio Nevola</a> Bareback Porn, Porous Masculinities, Queer Futures (2020)<br /><a href=''>João Florêncio</a> Fancy in Eighteenth-Centuy European Visual Culture (2020)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a> and M Adrien Artists in the Archive: Creative and Curatorial Engagements with Documents of Art and Performance (2018)<br />Paul Clarke, Simon Jones, <a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> and Johanna Linsley Samuel Beckett and Contemprary Art (Samuel Beckett in Company) (2017)<br />Robert Reginio, <a href=''>David Houston Jones</a>, and Katherine Weiss Entangled Landscapes: Early Modern China and Europe (2017)<br /><a href=''>Yue Zhuang</a> and Andrea Riemenschnitter Cambridge and the Study of Netherlandish Art: The Low Countries and the Fens (2017)<br /><a href=''>Meredith  Hale</a> Dennis Oppenheim: Body Performance 1969 -73 (2016)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> and Amy van Winkle Oppenheim Installation Art and the Practices of Archivalism (2016)<br /><a href=''>David Houston Jones</a> Figures de Fantaisie dans la Peinture Européenne du XVIe au XVIIIe Siecles (2015)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a>, B Wilson, J Chu, M Postle, PT Chu and A Hemery Paddy Hartley of Faces and Facades (2015)<br /><a href=''>David Houston Jones</a> and Marjorie Gehrhardt The Hermeneutical Tradition of Chinese Gardens (2015)<br /><a href=''>Yue Zhuang</a> Audience as Subject (2013)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Archaeologies of Presence (2012)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a>, <a href=''>Gabriella Giannachi</a> and Michael Shanks Fragonard the Fantasy Figure (2012)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a> Tales of the City: Outsiders’ Descriptions of Cities in the Early Modern Period (2012)<br /><a href=''>Fabrizio Nevola</a> Performing Presence: Between the live and the simulated (2011)<br />Gabriella Giannachi & Nick Kaye  Samuel Beckett and Testimony (2011)<br /><a href=''>David Houston Jones</a> Renaissance Siena: Art for a City (2007)<br />Fabrizio Nevola, Luke Syson, Alessandro Angelini, Philippa Jackson Multi-Media (2007)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Siena: Constructing the Renaissance Cirty (2007)<br /><a href=''>Fabrizio Nevola</a> Beyond the Palio: urbanism and ritual in Renaissance Siena (2006)<br />Philippa Jackson and Fabrizio Nevola   Physiognomy in Profile (2005)<br /><a href=''>Melissa Percival</a> Staging the Post-Avant-Garde (2002)<br /><a href=''>Gabriella Giannachi</a> and <a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Site-specific art: Performance, Place and Documentation (2000)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Art into theatre: Performance interviews and Documents (1996)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a> Postmodernism and Performance (1994)<br /><a href=''>Nick Kaye</a>